weigh in #2 

so last week I talked about my binge and that meant I didn’t lose any weightl. I weighed in at 231 and this past week I’ve been eating my low carb diet like I’ve been doing before my binge. I’m currently at 228 :O I can’t believe I’m in the 220s and I feel so happy! I  haven’t been going to the gym like I used to, but this week I wanna start back up again 🙂 My family is saying that they notice my weight loss (in pics) and it’s keeping me motivated to continue my journey and get to my goal weight. (short term goal is to get below 200, long term is between 160-170) I’m excited to see where I’ll be next week! 


weigh in #1 

so last week I wrote about starting alli and documenting my weight loss. first, I’d like to start by saying it started working immediately after I took it. My current weight is still 231, but not because alli isn’t working. The day after I started it, I found out my husbands deployment got extended and it was honestly the worst. After some crying I decided to go to Ralph’s and buy a shitload of junk food. I needed a week to mope and be miserable without feeling guilty (I did the same when he initially left). Now that it’s been a week I’m back to my regular diet and I can accurately track my weight loss 🙂 I’m actually impressed that I managed to not gain weight when I ate shit like a tub of ice cream, frozen pizza, & lots of carbs. I’ll keep you guys updated on my next, more accurate weigh in. 


Hi I’m Kat! i’ve decided to start a blog to document my weight loss journey after losing close to 30 pounds since December. i wasn’t always a big girl, but due to a mixture of depression + PCOS + hypothyroidism I found myself heavier than I’ve ever been! my senior year of high school i started medication for my thyroid & took alli and lost around 25 pounds. once I moved to NYC for college I stopped taking my medication since I didn’t have my mom hounding me to take it when I was supposed to. Fast forward to 2016 and I got to a whopping 260 pounds. I couldn’t believe it. I was so embarrassed and ashamed of myself for letting myself get that big. Having a husband who tells me I’m beautiful no matter what was great and all but at the same time I was getting way too big and uncomfortable in my own body. My amazing husband has always supported me in any diet that I started and failed and even went to the gym with me for the first few weeks before I eventually quit. He’s now on deployment and after a month of sulking in my own misery I decided I NEED to lose weight. So in February I started my keto diet and consistent exercise. I didn’t make this blog to be judged on any of MY decisions. My food choices work for me and I feel a lot better than I’ve felt in a long time. I know I’m still severely overweight/obese, but being 30 pounds lighter feels great. It’s hard to physically see a difference in my body, but the scale doesn’t lie and neither do my old jeans that wouldn’t fit but now fit too big! I’ve decided to start Alli again after much consideration. I typically lose 1-2 pounds a week and would love the extra help since my husbands homecoming is soon and I want to be as SKINTY as I can..jk, but not really. Thanks to Amazon Prime and their free same day delivery, I’m starting Alli on April 13th and will be doing weekly weigh-ins. I’m currently 231.2 and can’t wait to see what I’ll weigh in one week. I think I’m gonna cry when I get to the 220s because I haven’t been in those since I was single! My ultimate goal is to be 205 by June and I really think the hard work I put in the gym plus Alli will help me get there. Thanks for reading all of this (if there’s anyone out there) and I hope I wasn’t too boring.